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Level up the way you sell your products! Quick Vend is a trusted vending machine supplier in Malaysia that offers top-of-the-line vending machine units at a price that clients can afford.

Check out the retailing solutions that we offer!

  • Diverse selection of the latest vending machine units
  • Top-notch retailing features and vending machine features
  • Competitive pricing and rates
  • Reliable staff and team you can count on
  • On point retailing solutions

We DO NOT Rent or Put the Machine At Your Location for Investment.


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Interior Designer is a trusted provider of high-quality pallets and crates in Malaysia. We are a reliable partner for packing and shipping materials and solutions, servicing a number of clients and industries such as shipping, logistics, manufacturing, production, retail, and more.

We aim to help you by providing diverse pallet solutions at a price that would not break the bank.

How our business come about

Interior Designer started with servicing the local community and SMEs with a few types of pallets and crates. As our business started to grow, we expanded our product line and widened our reach so we can help more clients and businesses with their packing and logistics.

Today, we provide different kinds and sizes of pallets and crates at a national scale. Whether you are a new business looking for a top-notch crating solution or a big industry player, our products and services got you covered.

Our Business Philosophies

We follow a set of values and principles that are set as a guide in performing our tasks and delivering service to our clients and partners.


We believe that the best way to service our clients and partners is to deliver quality work. Whether it is addressing the concerns of our customers or delivering orders, expect 100% satisfaction guaranteed from us.


Honest work equates to quality work. We own up to our actions and pride ourselves when delivering excellent service.


The needs of our clients is always top priority. We provide them products and solutions that are aligned to your needs and your working budget.


We innovate our systems and process and design products that are aligned with the changing needs of our clients and the industries we serviced.

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